Team Selection and Formation

In-House teams: Boys and girls in-house teams will be formed by following methods that attempt to create evenly balanced teams. 3rd through 8th grade players will be assigned at the director’s discretion using the following criteria:

  1. Ability
  2. Height
  3. Grade level
  4. School

The RYBA President will review the teams of leagues formed by discretionary assignment for balance and fairness.

Travel teams: There will be tryouts for all travel players. Boys and girls travel teams in grades 4-8 will be formed by player evaluations. Evaluations are based on individual basketball skills (shooting, dribbling, passing with both left and right hand), effort/hustle, coach-ability and ability to play offensively and defensively as a team.

All traveling team placement decisions are final. Depending on tryout numbers, not everyone will make a traveling team. Players who do not make a traveling team have the option to play in the In-House league. Please let us know if your player will not participate in the In-House Program. 

RYBA Grade Level of Play Policy: A player may elect to try out for a travel team at a higher grade level than his or her grade. Notice of this election must be given when signing in for tryouts.

The player must try out for his or her own grade level on the first day of tryouts. The player must be one of the top three players of his or her grade level, as evaluated on the first day of tryouts by independent evaluators, in order to be considered eligible for the next higher grade level.

If the player is eligible to try out for the next higher grade level, that player will attend the second day of tryouts for the next higher grade level. The player must be ranked as one of the top five players in the next higher grade level in order to play at that higher grade level (be considered a starter).

Players who have been selected to play at the next higher grade level in previous years and have proven their skill level will be allowed to try out with the higher grade level team in subsequent years. The player must still meet the "top five" requirement.

Placement of a player is at the discretion of the program directors, coach and board, based on the recommendations of the independent evaluators. The decision will be based on what is best for the player, the two teams, and the program as a whole (ex. a player will not be allowed to play at a higher grade level if it means the younger team will not have enough players to make a team). The eligible player can displace an age appropriate player to a lower team

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