RYBA Grievance Policy

The intention of this policy is to protect all parties involved from any potential risks.

All parties (parents/guardians, players, coaches, volunteers) have the right to communicate issues of conflict without concern of reprisal. All issues of conflict will be treated in a professional and respectful manner.

If a parent or a player has concerns about a coach, another player, another parent, or volunteer, the individuals are asked to do the following:

  1. The concerned party should never approach the party in question immediately after a game or practice. Any parent or player who has an issue with a coach MUST wait at least 24 hours after a practice/game to present such issue.
  2. Contact the director of the program: In-House, Little Hoopers, Boys Travel, Girls Travel. At this time, the Program Director has 5 business days to address the situation with all parties.
  3. If the parent/guardian feels additional conversations are required, the program director will bring the issue to the RYBA Grievance Sub-Committee. The Grievance Sub-Committee will then have 14 days to address the situation in writing. All decisions from the committee will be final.
  4. The parent/guardian should know this process can be completely confidential if desired. If the RYBA Grievance Sub-Committee needs to address a coach/family/volunteer/parent, they will do so in keeping anonymity for those involved.

Parents/guardians are always invited to attend the last 15 minutes of any RYBA board meetings. They are held the second Wednesday of the month at the Roseville Oval from 7 – 8:30 PM.

If a coach/program director has concerns about a player/family, they are expected to do the following:

  1. Contact the RYBA Grievance Sub-Committee about the situation.
  2. With the Sub-Committee, the coach or program director will determine the appropriate steps for outreach to the affected player/family (independent or with a member of the Sub-Committee).
  3. Coaches are encouraged to stay in contact with the program directors throughout the season. They are expected to alert the directors of potential issues.

For further information on RYBA policies and rules, email rosevillehoops@gmail.com or contact a member of the RYBA Board.

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