RYBA Code of Conduct

Every person who attends or participates in RYBA activities is expected at all times to exhibit good sportsmanship and respect for other players, coaches, officials, and fans. Unsportsmanlike conduct on the part of players, coaches, parents or fans will not be tolerated and may be penalized. Penalties may include suspension or expulsion from RYBA activities and events for a specified period of time or permanently. Game officials and RYBA league representatives may determine based on the situation and circumstances whether an individual has engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct and impose appropriate penalties. The offending individual may receive a warning before penalties are imposed, but a warning is not required.

Examples of unsportsmanlike conduct include (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Bumping, shoving, hitting, or threatening a referee, coach, player, spectator, or RYBA league representative, other than normal physical contact associated with playing the game.
  • Verbal abuse of an official, player, coach, or spectator, including profanity directed at an official, or excessive disagreement with an official’s decision.
  • Unnecessary roughness – i.e., intentional rough play in excess of the normal physical contact associated with playing the game.
  • Consuming or being under the influence of alcohol, or controlled substances, or illegal substances while participating in an RYBA activity or event.
  • Vandalism, destruction, or defacement of gym facilities or property.


For games, the RYBA site director shall have authority to enforce the conduct code rules by making a determination of unsportsmanlike conduct and by imposing penalties, which may take effect immediately. If a RYBA site director is not present, then the game officials shall have authority to make a determination of unsportsmanlike conduct, and may eject the offending participant from the remainder of the game. The league director shall be notified and may impose additional penalties.

NOTE: Receiving two technical fouls in a game will result in expulsion from the remainder of that game. Additional penalties may be imposed if it is determined that the offender engaged in unsportsmanlike conduct in violation of these conduct code rules.

For practices, the coach in charge of the practice session shall have authority to enforce these conduct code rules.


Depending on the severity of the incident, the following penalties may be imposed, with or without warning, singly or in combination:

  • Expulsion from the remainder of the current game or practice.
  • Suspension for the next scheduled game.
  • Suspension for the remainder of the current season.
  • Suspension from all RYBA activities for one calendar year.
  • Permanent suspension from all future RYBA activities.


An individual penalized under these rules may appeal the decision at the next regularly scheduled RYBA board meeting. If at least one member of the RYBA board of directors requests, then a special meeting of the board may be called to address the appeal.

CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION: All players, fans, and coaches must agree to follow and be bound by these conduct code rules as a condition of participation in RYBA activities. If a player is ejected, suspended, or expelled from participation in one or more RYBA events, he/she shall not be entitled to any refund of fees paid, including registration fees, travel fees, and tournament fees.

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