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I missed registration, is it too late?

Registration is currently closed. Because of the shortage of gyms this season, RYBA is only able to take additional players if there is space in the team rosters (Little Hoopers and In-House). Please email to inquire.

Will Little Hoopers take place?

As of right now, RYBA is planning to hold a Little Hoopers season. The season will begin in early to mid-November. We have presented our COVID planning and policy documents to the City of Roseville Park and Rec Department. They have approved our plans and will allow us to use their gyms. Little Hoopers will again practice and play on Saturday mornings at Brimhall Elementary.

Will parents be allowed to watch Little Hoopers?

RYBA will present a safety plan to the City of Roseville Park and Rec Department recommending that one spectator per child be allowed to watch Little Hoopers practice and games. We understand that Little Hoopers need their family support during their practices and games. Please note, we will create policies and rules around expectations for all families who will be sitting in the gym.

When will In-House leagues start?

For the 2020 – 2021 season, RYBA is again partnering with the North Metro Basketball League to coordinate boys and girls In-House leagues for grades 5 – 8. Typically, these leagues begin after MEA, later in October. At this time, we believe the season will begin as normal, but will communicate with families if anything changes.

The 3 – 4th grade teams will play in-house in Roseville.

Where will In-House leagues practice? Play?

Practices will be held in a Roseville TBD gym and at this time we are anticipating one practice a week. Practices will take place late October with games beginning in mid-November (and will run through early February with breaks for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day). Games will be held at Turtle Lake School, Island Lake School, Snail Lake or Chippewa School.

Will parents be allowed to watch In-House games?

RYBA is following the North Metro Basketball League rules and at this time spectators will NOT be allowed to watch In-House league games.

When will Travel tryouts take place?

Travel tryouts will take place on Saturday, October 3rd and Sunday, October 4th at Central Park Elementary School. The girls will tryout on Saturday and the boys on Sunday. Please visit for each grade’s time slot.

Why did Travel prices increase?

The biggest fundraiser for the RYBA organization are the Girls and Boys Tournaments hosted in December and February. Annually, these tournaments raise tens of thousands of dollars for our program and help us to keep costs as low as possible for RYBA families. This season, these tournaments will be dramatically different. Spectators will be limited and therefore we will not be raising money on gate fees and concessions. In doing our due diligence, RYBA directors learned that many tournaments will not be charging a gate fees. Instead, they will be providing a limited amount of wristbands for participating teams. We determined this will save families from paying gate fees at the tournaments played during a regular season (for example, one parent x $10 gate fee x 10 tournaments = $100 savings throughout the season). The RYBA board decided to defer these costs back to the RYBA program and help meet the gap created by the lost revenue from the RYBA tournaments.   

When will Travel practices begin?

Travel practices are set to start the week of October 26th. RYBA has access to only a few gyms until more become available. Travel families should be hearing from their coaches/managers the week of October 20th.

How many tournaments will Travel teams participate in this year?

As of right now, RYBA Travel directors are hoping for eight tournaments plus the MYAS state tournament, typically held in March. However, things may change depending on the MSHSL decisions around COVID and basketball. If tournaments are canceled, Travel directors will work hard to find games, scrimmages and other opportunities for teams to play competitive basketball.   

Will parents be allowed to watch Travel games?

At this time, RYBA does not know what other tournaments are planning, but we have heard that many tournaments are providing a set number of wristbands for players, coaches and spectators. People with a wristband will be the only people allowed in the gym during game time. Travel directors will continue to provide information to their head coaches.

When will the RYBA Girls Tournament take place?

As of right now, RYBA is still planning for the Girls Winter Classic to take place on December 12 – 13, 2020

When will the RYBA Boys Tournament take place?

As of right now, RYBA is still planning for the Boys Winter Classic to take place on February 20 – 21, 2021

Will Travel parents be required to volunteer?

As plans come together for the RYBA Tournaments, more information will be made available for travel families and volunteer expectations. These tournaments are major sources of income for RYBA, volunteers help to make them possible.

Will parents be allowed to watch RYBA Tournament games?

At this time the RYBA Board is working with the city of Roseville and the School District to follow their guidelines around how many people will be allowed in the gym at any one time. Information will be made available as soon as possible.

Will Travel teams be traveling to Rochester this season?

After thoughtful conversations the RYBA Board of Directors decided not to participate in the Rochester tournament in November of 2020. It was determined that because spectators may not be allowed, it did not make sense for families to travel to Rochester, and risk staying in a hotel, to attend a tournament out of town.

What safety precautions have been put into place for the kids, coaches and families?

Please visit our COVID-19 Resources and Information Page to read all of the safety and COVID-19 procedures the RYBA Board of Directors has put into place for the 2020 – 2021 season.

What about Uniforms for In House teams?

At the beginning of the 2020 – 2021 season, each in house player will receive a washed penny jersey with their number for the season. It is important that your child not share this penny with anyone else. At the end of the season, we ask families to wash the penny and return to their player’s coach.

What about Uniforms for Travel teams?

Following tryouts, Travel families will have been invited to the Roseville Oval to order their uniform. Travel families should assess what uniforms they have on hand for the season and what they may need as their child might have outgrown shorts, etc.,.

What about refunds if the season is shortened?

Please visit our Policy Page to review the RYBA Financial Aid and Fee Policy for In-House and Travel leagues.

  1. I am new to coaching.  Is there a place to find information to help me?
  2. Why does it take so long to find out about practices?
  3. Why can't my daughter wear beads in her hair during games?
  4. Why am I told not to show up too early for my practices?
  5. Why can't in-house players keep their jerseys?
  6. What is the Little Hoopers program?
  7. Why do I have to become a SportsEngine member before I register?


I am new to coaching.  Is there a place to find information to help me?

In the Coaches' Corner section, you can find links to sites with plays and drills you may find helpful. If you find other sites you think other coaches might find useful, feel free to email the RYBA web site administrator.

Even though the in-house registration opens in the summer, many aspects cannot be finalized until shortly before the season begins in November. Directors frequently have to make many phone calls to get enough coaches for all their teams, late registrants are taken, the draft for the boys' 9th-12th program has to be coordinated and held, and available gym times and locations have to be collected from the school district, Parks & Rec, or private locations (churches, etc..). Coaches do not get their rosters, jerseys, and equipment until the coaches' meeting in late October. Even at that point, some re-arranging of practice schedules and/or rosters may have to be done, and the coaches want to make sure they have their information correct before contacting their players' parents.

Why can't my daughter wear beads in her hair during games?

It is a safety issue, both for the player in question, and her teammates and opponents. Referees are told/trained not to allow illegal headwear, braces, splints, etc., because they could be held responsible for injuries. An example would be if someone got a scratched cornea, and the official had allowed them to wear the illegal equipment. The ref could just as easily be sued as the association who allow them to play with the apparatus on.  By traveling and school regulations, hair that is "braided" in beads is illegal. If they are softer, rubber-band type braids, then they are normally allowed to play.

Why am I told not to show up too early for my practices?

RYBA sends their practices times to the school district and Roseville Parks and Rec, who in turn schedule building aides to be on site. If the practice is scheduled to begin at 6 PM, and parents begin dropping their children off at 5:30 PM, those children could be unsupervised if the building aide is not there at 5:30. Should someone get hurt, no aide may be around to call for or provide medical attention. There is also the matter that RYBA pays for the gym times by the half-hour. If a team begins practicing a half-hour early, we could be (and have been) charged for the extra time, which affects our budget adversely.

Why can't in-house players keep their jerseys?

The primary reason that RYBA does not allow in-house players to keep their jerseys is cost. The largest portion of your registration fee goes towards paying for gym time for our practice and game facilities. Gym rental fees account for about half the registration fee paid by in-house RYBA participants, whereas there is no fee charged for things like baseball and football fields. If you exclude gym rental fees, then the basketball fee is actually much less than the other sports, which may explain why they are able to provide the tangible items like jerseys. The remainder of our registration fee covers referees, equipment purchases, insurance, and miscellaneous expenses. In order to provide jerseys or other items that the kids can keep, we would have to increase our fees beyond the current amount. Gym costs continue to increase each year, but we have made every effort to keep our fees at a reasonable level in order to keep our programs financially accessible to a broad range of community residents. RYBA is a self-sufficient, non-profit program, so we have to keep an eye on costs whenever possible.

Note that our 1st and 2nd grade program (Little Hoopers), which is a Saturday-only program, provides the kids with a T-shirt that they are able to keep at the end of the season, as well as offering a reduced registration fee. We are able to do this because of the savings in gym rental fees due to not having a weeknight practice.

What is the Little Hoopers program?

Little Hoopers is a program for 1st and 2nd graders. Sessions are held on Saturday mornings beginning in November and ending by mid-February. Sessions last 90 minutes and consist of 45 minutes of skill development followed by a game. The games are instructional in nature and the score is not kept. There are a total of 10 sessions during the season and in addition a clinic is put on by the RAHS coaching staff and varsity players. Session times vary from week to week and are as follows: 8:30, 10 and 11:30 (sometimes a 1 pm session is added depending on numbers). Sessions are held at Central Park Elementary.

Why do I have to become a SportsEngine member before I register?

The software & website hosting vendor (SportsEngine) provides capabilities and additional features for registered members. We strongly encourage all families to have at least one registered email account. This enables your registration process to be quicker and easier, and provides you/your family access to additional functions of the RYBA site, including communications from the association and from your coach. This also benefits RYBA, as it will be simpler for us to build lists we can use to let you know of upcoming RYBA events.