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MYAS Boys' Grade State Tournaments Suspended

The MYAS, its Board of Directors, and Basketball Board of Advisors have made the decision to suspend play of the highly anticipated Boys’ Grade State Basketball Championships that was scheduled to be played March 14-15 at 22 locations across the Twin Cities metropolitan area. As this situation continues to rapidly evolve, all teams and the youth basketball associations that serve them will receive additional information in the coming days.

CORRECTED - Travel Fee & Uniform Payment Form Available


Travel families can use the Travel Fee and Uniform Payment  Form to pay for their player's travel fee and/or uniform for the 2019 - 2020 season. These payments (as relevant) are due by October 25th.

Families applying for financial aid are reminded that their application and qualification documentation are also due by October 25th.

Questions? Please contact Stephanie Kirchhoff ( or mobile 630-258-0220).


As we prepare for try-out weekend, we ask that players arrive prepared and ready to play. Below is a quick try-out checklist:

  1. All players participating in try-outs must be registered prior to trying out, no exceptions. We will allow walk-in registrations on Day 1 of try-outs. 
  2. Players should come dressed appropriately for basketball. 
  3. Players should bring a water bottle or beverage.
  4. Players should be on site early (20 minutes) to get checked in.
  5. Players should check in with the apparel table to get sized for uniforms. 
  6. Players should have fun, do their best, and play hard. 

Parents are welcome to stay and wait, however, parents are NOT allowed to participate in or watch the try-outs. 

2019 Travel Information - Fees and General Information

For more specific details for Boys or Girls Travel, please visit the respective Travel Page. Rosters will be posted no later than the Friday after tryouts. 

Roseville Boys/Girls Traveling Basketball Program General Information

The Roseville Youth Basketball Association (RYBA) Boys/Girls Traveling Basketball Program is designed to provide boys/girls a fun environment to develop basketball skills, promote teamwork and good sportsmanship, and prepare them for further opportunities to play basketball at a higher level. Following is some general information about the Boys/Girls Travel Program and what you may expect if your son/daughter plays travel basketball.

Travel basketball is for players who want to get in more playing time against better competition.  Players for the travel teams are selected by a tryout process that occurs in mid to late September.  Practices begin in late September or early October.  Each team practices twice per week, with each practice generally one and a half hours long.  Rather than league play, travel teams play in weekend tournaments. Generally in each tournament a team will play 3 games.  

Eligibility: The RYBA Boys/Girls Travel Program is open to all boys/girls entering 3rd – 8th grade and meet at least one of the following location eligibility requirements:

• Live in the city of Roseville,
• Live within the boundaries of school district 623,
• Attend a district 623 school, or
• Attend a private school located within the boundaries of school district 623.

A prospective player not meeting the eligibility requirements must discuss the situation with the Travel Director prior to registering and trying out.

Tryouts: Tryouts are generally held in September. All boys/girls participating in tryouts must register and pay the registration fee of $175. The registration fee is refundable only if the player does NOT make a travel team. Tryouts for the travel teams are a 2-day event held at Roseville Area High School or Middle School in mid-September. All girls and boys trying out are expected to be at each day of tryouts. If you must miss one of the days, you must notify the respective travel director, prior to tryouts.

The schedule for the tryout times for the upcoming season will be available in late August.  On Saturday, each grade level will have a 15-minute warm-up period followed by a 60-90 minute tryout. The main focus is on skills.  On Sunday, the players are brought back for individual match-ups and scrimmaging.  Uniform sizing will take place on Saturday for players new to the travel program and returning players who have outgrown their uniform.

To keep the tryouts as fair as possible, we generally ask the High School varsity basketball coach to coordinate the tryouts, and use outside evaluators unaffiliated with RYBA to grade the players. Any player who tries out but is not placed on a travel team will be automatically enrolled in the appropriate in-house program.

Practices: Players making a travel team should anticipate practicing twice a week beginning the middle of September through the middle of March. Practices will generally take place at local gyms and last approximately 90 Minutes. Players are expected to attend all practices with limited exceptions. Failure to attend practices can affect a players playing time in games.

Games: Most teams will compete in approximately 9 – 11 tournaments (3 – 4 games per tournament), or the equivalent, during the season. Depending on the skill level of the team, this may be adjusted accordingly. Tournaments are typically held on Saturdays and Sundays, with an occasional Friday night game. All tournaments are located in the metro area with the possible exception of one overnight-stay tournament.

Costs: In addition to the registration fee of $175, families should expect the following costs:
• Travel fee of approximately $300  (less for 3rd and 4th graders)
• New Travel players will also need to purchase a uniform (~$80 for a complete set). Replacement pieces, Bags and warm-up gear can be purchased at cost as well.
• Daily admission fees for non-players to tournaments (generally $5-6/day for adults and $3.00/day for children).
• Overnight stay for the one away tournament
If the costs dissuade you, please see the section on financial aid. RYBA is committed to working with families so that no qualified player is excluded from travel basketball strictly on the basis of their family’s inability to afford the program.

Parent Volunteer Requirement: All families are required to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours of work (i.e. admissions, running the scoreboard, keeping the official scorebook, or concessions) for each player participating on a boys/girls travel team during the Roseville Girls Holiday Classic Tournament / Roseville Boys Winter Classic. Families not meeting this requirement will be charged a $500 volunteer “opt out” fee.

Tournaments: Games for travel teams are played as weekend tournaments, each tournament usually consisting of 3 games. Teams will play in 9 to 12 tournaments during the season, depending upon the grade level. This equates to approximately a 30- to 35-game season.

The sites for travel tournaments are at various locations around the Twin Cities metro area. Two of the tournaments are hosted by RYBA: the Holiday Classic in December, and the Winter Classic in February.  Teams may also play in one overnight tournament.

The final tournament is the MYAS State Tournament in March.

Our Fundraising Tournament: RYBA is able to reduce the cost of travel basketball by hosting a fund-raising tournament each year. The money raised from this tournament allows us to charge travel players only half of what the costs would be without this tournament.

The tournament is planned and teams are recruited to it by volunteer directors who work on it during most of the off-season. To have enough help to be able to run the tournament itself, we require RYBA travel families to work a number of shifts at the tournament. Usually this amounts to 10 hours per player. And since this tournament reduces each players cost of participation by around $400, that's not a bad hourly rate!

Coach Selection Process: Head coaches for boys and girls travel teams are selected by a four member panel. To be considered for a head coaching position, all candidates must submit an application. Interviews are conducted where valuable to the process. Head coaches select their own assistant coaches. All coaches, head and assistants, are required to submit a Background Check Authorization Form.  As a general guideline, we look to use volunteer coaches, generally fathers or mothers, in the 6th grade and lower, and to recruit paid coaches in the 7th and 8th grades. Our policy excludes board members and family members from receiving compensation for coaching a team.

Playing Time Policy: Our playing time policy tries to achieve the balance between development and competition. We give each coach discretion over a portion of playing time as both a motivational and competitive tool.  Every player should receive, as minimum playing time, an amount equal to half the minutes available in the first 3/4s of the game, which calculates to 10.5 minutes per 28 minute game. The remaining time is distributed at the coach’s discretion.

For 5th grade and younger travel teams, players should receive equal playing time for games through January 1st, as the team forms and the coaches get to know the players. If a player is shorted playing time in a game, the coach should look for opportunities to make up the shorted time as soon as possible.

A travel coach may, at their discretion, restrict playing time in the event that a player cannot or does not meet reasonable requirements for attending and participating in practices. This restriction should be communicated to parents or guardians prior to the game.  A parent may request a reduction in minimum playing time to benefit or meet the needs of their child. This decision is revocable at any time by the parents.

Questions About Your Player's Travel Fee?

Currently, travel fees can be paid as part of the standard RYBA registration. If you choose not to do so at this time, once travel tryouts occur, there will be a separate online payment form you can use (same as for last season).  There is no price difference in paying travel fees with registration, or after tryouts.

Travel fee payment or financial aid submission will be due on or before Oct 18, 2019.  

Financial Aid qualification covers all travel fees (uniform cost is separate and still the family's responsibility). Financial Aid qualification is associated with the school district eligibility & criteria for the school lunch program (or equivalent criteria for non-public school attendees). RYBA Financial Aid details and application form is available on the RYBA homepage.

Travel Uniforms

Travel uniforms are requested during tryout weekend. Sample sizes will be available to help determine the best size for your player. 
Your player will have the opportunity to select (or confirm) a jersey number, and provide sizing information for both a jersey and uniform shorts. If your player has a uniform which still fits, a new one is NOT required. Additional pieces (such as an extra pair of shorts) can be requested at this time as well.

Payment for uniforms (full set or additional pieces) is handled through an online form in conjunction with Travel Fee payment (is applicable). Both fees can be paid via this one form. The link to this form is available on both the Boys Travel and Girls Travel home pages.

Please contact Andi Horsman ( with any questions.